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Faculty of Takshshila College, Bhopal

The biggest asset of our institute is our faculty comprises an enviable symbiosis of diverse talents. Young and highly energetic, the faculty is extremely committed to the cause of the students. The are keenly interested in the teaching profession and take pains to give their best to the students and then test their abilities periodically keeping them on their toes and abreast with the latest information. Due to their fresh minds and unbiased thinking they always try to experiment with innovative ideas and incorporate them in their training methodology. the full time faculty comprises highly qualified, devoted lecturers and instructors and part time/visiting faculty consists of eminent personalities.

A detailed list of our teaching faculty can be found below:

S. No. Name of Faculty Department Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. Jaya Sharma Principal Ph. D., M. Sc. 10 Years
1  Mr.Mukhtar Moonis Computer Lecturer MCM,BCA

4 Years

2 Mrs.Asha Thakur Computer Lecturer


4 Years

3  Mrs.Kalpana Barde Computer Lecturer


4 Years

4 Mr.Suresh Saini Computer Lecturer

MCM, B.Sc.

4 Years

5 Mr. Javed Khan Computer Lecturer M.Sc.,PGDCA

4 Years

6 Miss. Usha Chourasia Computer Lecturer M.Sc., PGDCA

4 Years

7 Miss Renu Gupta Computer Lecturer


1 Year

8 Miss Kanchan Mandloi Computer Lecturer M.Sc

1 Year

9 Mr.O.P.Prajapati Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com,M.Phil. 5 Years
10 Mrs.Chanchala Keer Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com,B.Ed. 3 Years
11 Miss.Deepika Shrivastava Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com(Taxation & Mgt.) 3 Years

Mr. Arvind Bordria

Commerce & Management Lecturer BBA,MBA  2 years
13 Mrs. Megha Agrawal Commerce & Management Lecturer


   1 Year
14 Mrs Mradula Shrivastava Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com. 1 Year
15 Mrs.Neetu Kushwaha Commerce & Management Lecturer


2 Years

16 Miss.Sulekha Vishwakarama Commerce & Management Lecturer,PGDCA 5 Years
17 Mr. S.C. Nema Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com. 11 Years
18 Mrs. Sangeeta Sirasao Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com.  10 years 
19 Mr. Yogendra Kailasia Commerce & Management Lecturer M.Com.  3 years 
20 Mr. Samrat Mathematics Lecturer M.Sc.,PGDCA 2 years
21 Mrs.Mamta Shukla Arts Lecturer M.A. 4 Years
22 Miss Madhu Chourasia Arts Lecturer M.A. Nil
23 Mrs.Vandana Saxena Arts Lecturer M.A. 4 Years
24 Mrs. S. Chouhan Arts Lecturer M.A. 4 Years

Director Board (Management)

New Takshshila College, Bhopal is managed by Dewi Samiti which is a registered Society under Societies Registration Act.

The list of members of the Governing Body of Devi Samiti is as follows:

Sl. No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Smt. Lakshmi Devi Sharma President
2 Deepak Sharma Vice President
3 Shailendra Sharma Secretary
4 Smt. Jyoti Meghawale Treasurer
5 Mr. Sharad Sharma Member
6 Dr. Smt. Pragya Thapak Member
7 smt. Manju Pal Member
8 Smt. Shilpa Rathore Member