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Infrastructure and Facilities

New Takshshila College, has a big newly constructed building and ample open space surrounding.

The Class Rooms: 

The college has spacious, well ventilated, well illuminated and nicely furnished class-rooms so that students can remain comfortable and at ease while studying. A most conducive atmosphere for learning prevails throughout. Big Halls facilitate conducting symposiums, seminars cultural and other activities.
  The Library
The Institute has a well-equipped library with sufficient seating capacity. The Library has a meticulously chosen selection fo more than 1000 books. The library has text and reference books on variety of subjects: Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, Commerce, Literature etc. Apart from books, students have access to the latest magazines, Encyclopedia Britannica and other Encyclopedias, International Journals, newspapers and Thesaurus. One Book can be borrowed for a period of 14 days on one library ticket. Besides, other reading material on various topics is provided.
  The Computer Centre
The Centre has multi-terminal facility, well-equipped with latest Pentium Processors, it also has internet connection and students can enjoy surfing on the World Wide Web and can benefit by the gigantic information available on the internet. Students from all the faculty can access to the college computer centre. The labs are equipped with the latest in both hardware and software. All terminals are part of an internet (100 Mbps LAN). The institute has connectivity round the clock.